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Basketball University’s AAU Program stands alone when it comes to team instruction and player development. Our AAU Program offers youth players the year-round training and high-level coaching necessary to take their games to the next level. Whether our student-athletes are striving to be standout varsity players, or have the opportunity to play at the collegiate level, our goal is to help them reach their goals. Our Basketball University teams range from 11U–17U, & Unsigned Seniors, with age groups consisting of a competitive and intermediate team. Our Basketball University teams will not only spend this spring/summer showcasing their skills and athletic ability, but will also volunteer their time and talents to help at-risk youth. Our AAU Program will join the efforts of community organizations to help those that are less fortunate. We believe that these activities will not only be beneficial to the community programs, but will also help our players build character, by teaching them the importance of hard-work and helping others. The combination of high-intensity team practice sessions, detailed instruction and skill development, exposure to high-level competition, as well as our commitment to serving the community makes our AAU program a must for any serious youth basketball player. We are truly committed to helping our athletes become students of the game and productive, well rounded young men.