Gevea M. | College Parent, Houston

Basketball University has been such a blessing to my son in so many ways. They have taken his game to another level by teaching him the necessary skills and fundamentals, building his confidence on the court, and being a positive role model to him off the court. Their training has helped my son move from being unknown, to being one of the top prospects in the city and state. My son will now be attending a Div. I college on a full athletic scholarship.

Basketball University gives back to the community and to those that are less fortunate. BU also teaches family values and supports academic success. Basketball University really does care and we are eternally grateful to them for all that they have done.

Barbara P. | High School Parent, Houston

My son started with Basketball University the summer entering 9th grade. He has played with BU's AAU program for 3 years. From a parent's perspective, his involvement with this AAU program has been positive in many aspects. While playing with Coach Rhossi and BU, his game improved tremendously, but more importantly, I believe his life has been enriched through this experience. The friendships he has made with his teammates, traveling to various states for tournaments, and by using his athletic talent to help the under-privileged through volunteering at basketball camps, has helped him mature and become an independent young man. Our experience with Basketball University has been so positive and I know that even after my son has graduated from high school, Coach Rhossi will continue to be a mentor in his life.

Adda G. | High School Parent, Houston

The basketball program provided by Coach Rhossi has been one of the most positive influences in the athletic and personal development of our son. The leadership, guidance, and heart that Coach Rhossi shows to his athletes have placed him in high esteem for many of us. It has definitely changed our son's life! Our family is very proud to be a part of this wonderful athletic community and we highly recommend it for every youth athlete that shares the same passion for basketball. Thank you Coach!

Gary S. | High School Parents, Houston

Over the past four years Coach Rhossi has transformed our son's skills, habits, and basketball IQ tremendously. Coach Rhossi has created a workout program that has included training and conditioning in an atmosphere that has been conducive to our son's personality and skills. He is now ready to take what Coach Rhossi has given him to the collegiate level.

William K. | High School Parent, Houston

I was coaching my kids' basketball teams and could tell that they wanted and needed more than I could offer to develop their knowledge of the game. They needed better structure, discipline, and also needed to learn how to apply what they learned to game situations. Another basketball Dad told me about Coach Rhossi, so we tried out a clinic. I was immediately impressed with how he organized skill development with drills that taught the principles needed to have success in games.  There is a ton of great information out there, but learning it, and then learning how to apply it is not easy. That's where Rhossi Carron and Basketball University succeed. BU has helped them to develop an attitude that hard work does pay off.  Lastly, I take great concern in the people that I place in my boys' lives.  How do they live their lives? Do they give back?  Are they believers that it's not all about them? My boys get enough negative messages through media, music and what society is telling them.  Coach Rhossi contradicts that negativity with a positive message of doing your best, in a confident, respectful way that is helping them realize their potential.

Rebecca J. | High School Parent, Houston

Hunter has worked with Coach Rhossi for a few years now and it has been fun to watch. Coach Rhossi's focus on ball handling, shooting, and defense has helped Hunter to improve his game on the court. Rhossi's desire for Hunter to succeed and learn the game of basketball is evident in his commitment and passion that he displays at each practice session.

Brandon L. | High School Parent, Houston

Our son has made tremendous progress since he began working with Coach Rhossi and Basketball University. He went from being a fair player, to one of the best players among his peer group in a single year.

Edward Grant

We have known Coach Rhossi for over six years. He has developed our son into a well-skilled player. Clinic participants and team players respect Coach Rhossi and work hard for him. Rhossi is a great coach and a fine person! We are sticking with him!

Mary D. | High School Parent, Houston

Basketball University has been great for my son. Coach Rhossi teaches the fundamentals of basketball in a way that helps the players to understand the entire game. Coach Rhossi's practices focus on skills and drills, but he also incorporates competition so that the players have fun while working to improve. My son's dribbling and shooting skills improved greatly because of Basketball University. He would not be on his high school varsity team as a sophomore if he had not played for Basketball University.

Craig Y. | High School Parent, Houston

Coach Rhossi and his team have done a fantastic job with our son and his basketball skills. Not only have they taught him the basic skills, but they have elevated his level of confidence and level of play. We love their straight forward, no-nonsense approach to teaching the game of basketball. We look forward to what the future holds for our son because of the work that they have done. Thanks to the whole staff, they are incredible!

Marsella R. | High School Parent, Houston

My children have improved their basketball game 100 fold thanks to Coach Rhossi. They both play with power and skill because of the coaching and guidance that Coach Rhossi has given. What I love is the kindness and compassion that he has for the parents and children. My children were blessed to receive scholarships when I couldn't afford to have them participate. Coach Rhossi also volunteers his time with Family Point for their basketball camps. My niece and nephew also loved the experience and they look forward to more activities. Thank you Coach Rhossi and your staff.

Stephanie B. | High School Parent, Houston

I can't say enough about Coach Rhossi, Coach Delroy, and Coach Teddy. They have helped both of my sons so much. The training received from Basketball University is incredible and intense. Basketball University gives basketball players the skills to advance to the next level and really change the way they play. My older son participated with one of Rhossi's first AAU teams run by Basketball University. The program was great then, and it has only improved with time.

Tamara A. | Middle School Parent, Houston

Basketball University and Coach Teddy epitomize what a successful AAU program is about. Passion, character building, player development, relentless determination to see athletes expand their knowledge of the game beyond the scope of a single position, genuine concern for individual players apart from basketball and an overwhelming sense of family. I am thankful that Coach Teddy saw and developed skills in my son that he did not see in himself...that's what great coaches do.

Brian P. | Middle School Parent, Houston

At BU, the coaches are knowledgeable, focused, and demand the most out of the players. The competition is intense, and any player willing to pay attention and work hard can't help but improve in this program. No doubt, my son's experience at BU has helped him grow into a tougher basketball player as well as a stronger person. Thanks BU!

Allison G. | High School Parent, Houston

My son has trained with former professional players. Although their programs were good, I've never seen such change in my son's game like what I have witnessed since my son has been with BU. Coach Rhossi and Coach Teddy possess the knowledge, patience, and understanding for kids who want to separate themselves from the pack. My son has learned the value of hard work under their tutelage and now knows what it is to be both a team player and a leader.

Shari H. | High School Parent, Houston

Basketball University is the BEST basketball program. If your child has expressed an interest in basketball and you'd like to see them learn from expert teachers of the game, then BU is for you. It not only teaches them the fundamentals and skills of basketball on an extremely high level, but it also teaches discipline, develops character, and builds long lasting friendships. In addition, everyone in the organization exhibits mentoring/role modeling behaviors.