Coach Russell Carr | St. Pius High School

The work that Coach Carron does is tremendous! He has a head for the game and the ability to create game like work scenarios for practice. You put that with his ability to connect with kids and that makes for an unbelievable teaching and basketball developmental program that kids at any skill-level or any age will experience growth and improvement.

Coach John Coffino

I have known Rhossi Carron for over 15 years. From the minute we met, I knew that he was special. So, we recruited him to be a student-athlete at Niagara University. Balancing his academics and his commitment to the basketball program, he exemplified what being a student-athlete is all about. My best way to describe him back then was "Very Coachable"! We have stayed in touch and I can now call him a friend and colleague. He is a tireless worker. But, more importantly, he is an honest and loyal person. Rhossi Carron genuinely cares about people!

Coach Peter Schwethelm

Rhossi Carron is one of my favorite people in the entire basketball industry for one simple reason: he truly cares about kids. From the innovative and effective workout regiments and camps, to the well-organized grassroots programs, Rhossi has proven to me again and again that he does things the right way by always putting kids first. Rhossi also understands the importance of communication with parents and kids, and he understands how to hold kids accountable in a positive and respectful manner. It is because of this overall approach that I am honored and proud to recommend Basketball University and Rhossi Carron to anyone and everyone who asks.