Tremmell Darden | Real Madrid Baloncesto

My experience working with Coach Carron of Basketball University has helped me tremendously. One of the major areas I needed to improve was my ball handling. After spending time with Coach Carron over the summer, my ball, body control, and speed with the ball have improved drastically. Improving in these areas has given me more confidence on the court. I am now able to get where I need to be faster and with optimal control. In addition, my overall offensive skill package has improved, helping my shooting touch and finishing at the basket. I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Basketball University and Coach Carron and look forward to our work in the future together.

ShawnDre' Jones | University of Richmond

Playing with Basketball University has been a great experience. Coach Rhossi has helped me turn my basketball weaknesses into strengths, leveling my skill sets. Coach Rhossi helped me improve physically and mentally and showed me the small things that a good point guard should know to compete at the elite level.
Coach Rhossi has given me the opportunity to display my talent on a national stage in front of hundreds of college coaches. I was able to get ranked, recruited, and received a Div. I scholarship. I am very grateful to Basketball University.

Gary Smith | Xavier University

I began training with Basketball University my freshmen year in high school. Since then, I have seen my game soar to another level. Working with Coach Rhossi and the rest of the BU staff not only refined areas of my game, but also taught me new skills to add to my game. If it were not for the many training sessions with BU, I would not be the player that I am today. Thanks BU!

Knox Hellums | Concordia High School (Pepperdine Commit)

I came to Basketball University as a sophomore.  Being a sophomore, I was not that good at all. BU Training really changed me and it helped me get where I am today.  I just committed about two weeks ago and without BU I would not be where I am today without a doubt.  There are other AAU Programs in the city, but none of them offer the same training and development. Without the develop that I got, I would not have the opportunity that I have right now. That's really essential in becoming a college basketball player and furthering on your career... development and training.

Gilbert Thomas | C.E. King High School (Murray State Commit)

BU is everything to me.  They developed me and helped me to get where I am today.  When I was making my decision... there were a lot of good teams out there that were nice, but I just knew that if I came here, I would get the most exposure and the best opportunity.  In my opinion, BU has the best player development program in the state. They have great coaches and great support staff.

Elijah Lee | HCYA (Pepperdine Commit)

Not Basketball means a lot to me.  I came when I was about 15-years old.  Basketball University helped me grow in several different areas... not just skill work, but actually helping me to think the game, and helping me to become a true point guard.

Brandon Williams | University of Texas at Arlington

Not only did Basketball University start my career as a basketball player, but it also helped to mold me into a young man. BU took me from a below-average basketball player and helped me excel to playing Div. I college basketball. This organization cares for and helps push each individual to reach his/her maximum potential. This is by far one of the most memorable AAU teams that I have ever played for and I highly recommend BU. I am happy to be able to have been a part of this vastly growing organization!

Lilli Bean | Middle School Player, Houston

In the short time I have been working with Coach Rhossi, he has helped me tremendously in developing my skills, which has greatly helped my confidence as a player.

Joshua Butler | High School Player, Houston

When I first started playing basketball in the 8th grade, I struggled in terms of basketball IQ. It was difficult playing on the varsity team at first because I did not understand plays or proper defense. Coach Rhossi came to one of my games and saw potential in me. He began working with me and improving my awareness for the game. I later joined Basketball University's AAU Program, which training methods helped improve my awareness and made me an overall better basketball player.  By my senior year I was one of the Greater Houston area's top players and was starting for my high school team. This is the best program to improve your game and become a better man off the court as well.